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Your Feminine Power Revolution 

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Say hello to your pelvic oasis.

Here are the ways you can work with me — do I hear a “Hell, Yeah?!”

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Your Inner Power Facebook Group

Read my hips— empowerment comes through knowledge. Get plenty with free education, videos and live chats that heal your pelvic bowl and spark your pleasure. Together, with awesome women like you, you’ll be saying, “Where have you been all my life?”

The Path to Your Inner Power Course

Take full ownership of your body. Revel in juicy sexual bliss.

Explore your sexual, sensual and sacred power in this self-practiced and self-paced course. Intentionally-structured to empower you through knowledge, each easy-to-digest nugget guides you one step closer to clarity, creativity and orgasmic potential. With short meditations, practical tools and simple assignments, you’ll begin a profound journey to self-love.



Before you can bite your pillow in bliss, you need to know what’s happening in your body, fully. You’ll discover every inch of your internal pelvic oasis world (think the full pelvic map, did you know there’s 15 pounds of erectile tissue on the INSIDE of the female pelvis?!). You’ll also discover how intricately pelvic anatomy is to the rest of the body, including the full organ system, heart & blood flow, nervous system, immune system, brain, and more. You’ll see why your pelvic oasis is a mind-blowing, divine creation and you’ll know your body inside and out.


For millennia, women have been taught to fear and despise menstruation. No more! You’ll uncover the gifts of your menstrual cycle and discover essential tools for your sexual and reproductive sovereignty. You’ll connect with your creative power, reclaim your sacred time and have space for joy in life. You’ll never see Aunt Flow the same way again.


Break the rules and love yourself. In this section, you’ll open to the potent world of emotional healing through the body and pelvis. You’ll discover practical tools to work with your body and emotional healing to increase your resiliency & regulation and decrease your contraction and emotional pain. 


Whether you’ve experienced sexual, emotional or physical trauma, these wounds steal our sexual power and sensual bliss. This section guides you to heal, move forward and open up to a universe of self-love and sublime pleasure. From numbness, pain, shame or guilt, traumas can be healed through pelvic awakening so you’re grounded to your body, pleasure and partner.


Let go of intergenerational patterns of family and lineage dysfunctions that rob you of your power. With healing and permission, you’ll address and forgive resentments, behaviors, traumas and beliefs that shape your current story and experience. You’ll gain clarity about your life, increase your satisfaction, and set your heart on fire.


Break the rules and love your body. In this section, you’ll open to the potent world of sacred sex with your pelvic oasis. You’ll discover practical tools to work with your body and increase the delicious vitality of your pelvic floor and womb. The home to luscious bliss, you’ll reignite your sensuality, heighten jaw-dropping pleasure and bathe in your inner power. It’s time to color outside the lines.


  • You want a practical and accessible approach to sexual pleasure.

    Designed for the everyday woman, this course is structured in short chunks, quick videos and simple meditations that fit with your busy life.

  • You’re motivated to roar.

    This self-practiced, self-paced course has no feedback or live interaction. However, you can do this in your own time and join the free Facebook group for support and guidance. There’s tons of kickass women like you there!

  • You’ve addressed your traumas and you’re ready to move forward.

    Although you’ll explore your wounds, this self-paced course is for women who’ve already put work into their healing process.

  • You’re tired of confusing how-tos and flaky tips.

    Packed with practical tools to help you explore, know and understand your body, you’ll connect with your sacred feminine power and pleasure.

  • You want to own your body fully and completely.

    Feeling up to flipping off the status quo? This course will help you own your body, counter female oppression and step into your greatest power. The world needs you!

Reignite Your Bliss With Your Inner Power

Unleash Your Inner Power 1 on 1

Ready to create a life of power and unimaginable pleasure?  Welcome to your empowerment transformation.

Work with me 1 on 1 to experience real-world results and earth-shaking shifts on emotional, energetic, financial, creative, spiritual and sexual levels. With over a decade of experience, I’ve guided clients to profound journeys of healing, self-love and sublime pleasure.


Address your flight, fight or freeze response so you’re finally free of pain, numbness, dryness or unsatisfying intimacy and sex.

Know your body inside and out so you take back your power, own your body and understand how to experience ecstatic pleasure.

Heal and forgive resentments, traumas, and lineage patterns that are blocking your life goals and sensual potential.

Discover how to work with your body to amplify your pelvic floor and womb vitality.

Create boundaries that work for you so you’re fulfilled, content and sovereign in your power.

Release your sexual potential for orgasmic abundance and out-of-this-world bliss.


  • You’re all in.

    You need to be 100% committed and open to the fullness of this process. I’m fully dedicated to you and expect you to follow through on homework and tasks between sessions so you get the results you want. I’ve got your back and I’ll hold you accountable too.

  • You’re ready to dive in deep and achieve your dreams.

    You know it’s time to build a powerful foundation so you can create the life you want. This is your chance— with self-love and the divine power of your pelvic oasis.

  • You have a sense of humor.

    Transformational work isn’t all heavy tears and emotional rollercoasters. It’s okay to laugh. This process is gentle, nourishing, and fiercely loving— let’s have a little fun too!

Unleash Your Inner Power And Create The Life Of Your Dreams

“You need to fully understand your body before you can wield the power and pleasure it holds.”