Pelvic Bowl Healing

What is pelvic bowl work?

Alicia's mission is to guide you through the process of activating your strength and releasing debilitating wounds.

Alicia facilitates healing the root our your body – your pelvic floor, to release shame, victimhood, fear, and guilt. She'll help you create awareness that fosters an openness to abundance, health, and sexual power that you can utilize to create the life you desire!

Working with a multitude of women, it has become abundantly clear that we as women, don't know as much about our bodies, especially our unique parts within the pelvic bowl.

Throughout your journey, Alicia will educate you on how to understand your female anatomy and respect how you are crafted. Through the knowledge you acquire, you will discover how to better protect and care for your body throughout the rest of your life journey.

Your process will be uniquely crafted to your needs and your readiness to explore your body and work through the responses it provides you. Essentially, as we begin the process you will learn how to listen to your body and you will be amazed to discover what it has to tell you. Sometimes that is a physical response that allows us to release a tension or pain. Other times there is a mental response, sometimes to inherited ancestral burdens (yes, this is a legitimate challenge women face!).  

We will work together at your pace and prompting, to incorporate talk and touch therapy to provide you the healing you need and deserve. You are worth it! Clients are challenged throughout the process. Not every session is enjoyable, but the work is worth it and your future self with thank you for making the investment in your health and well-being. 

Bloom in your womanhood
You are a queen and you can claim your birthright and feminine power
Embrace your sexuality
Discover new pleasure, comfort, and elevated sexual experiences
Release Anxiety
Stabilize your mood, control your emotions, and find more peace
Discover new horizons
Exploring your inner workings will reveal new insights about yourself

Throughout your healing process, we utilize tangible, practical and spiritual healing tools that will activate your strength and release your wounds.

We work with the root (your pelvic bowl) to release old patterns so you can open up to health, vitality, and pleasure. You are supported to surrender your blocks so you can open to what you truly want and need to live a life of fulfillment. Taking ownership over your power and body is one of the most revolutionary acts a woman can do today.

Working with Alicia provides you a comprehensive program that will teach you about your body and give you insight you never knew was possible. 

It can be challenging to grasp what is available to you through pelvic bowl work until you have gone through the journey. Here’s a client story to provide you a glimpse of what you can uncover within yourself.

Stephanie came in with a story of violent rape and other numerous sexual assault experiences, feeling guilty and numb with sex, desiring deep peace and connection with herself and her partner. As a mother of two beautiful children, married and in a loving relationship, she was still caught in old patterns of fear, disconnection, and numbness. She was ready to surrender her past and claim her power. She was completely invested in her healing process and within one session exclaimed with joy “I can FEEL that! I am so grateful”. She went on to heal her body, discover new frontiers with her partner, and leave her past traumas behind after fully honoring what she had been through. In 8 short weeks, her relationship to her body, pleasure, and power completely transformed.

“Alicia is incredible at holding space for all to open and be released from your pelvic bowl. What unfolded for me was layers of shame, sadness and remorse from past lovers and sexual abuse. The hooks of attachment were released and I embraced myself at a whole new level. The potency this work generates does not compare to any other therapy I have done.

Let's Connect

As much as a I desire to help all women, I am limited to the amount of clients I can work with. I have multiple ways of working with me and am always working on creating more. If you are an honest and open-hearted woman ready to embody the utmost integrity and dive into your inner self, then please reach out and we will see if you’re ready to go to the next level. I am here to serve as your mentor, to help you guide yourself to your fullest potential.


I’m sending you a lot of support and validation for getting this far in your exploration of seeking a better way to manage your well-being, body, and spirit. It’s a big step. I look forward to speaking with you.

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