Open To Womb Magic…

This is your

Inner Power

It’s just part of life 

as a woman

You know the drill: raging PMS, crazy-ass mood swings, sexual shame and trauma. A numb and enraged vagina. A tight pelvic floor, fibroids, fertility changes and pee leakage when you laugh. Oh, and painful, crappy, dry as dust sex.

Aren’t you fed up with these lies we’re fed?

From Ob-GYNs, GPs, your dad, your auntie and even your acupuncturist; you’re told this is womanhood.

Aren’t you tired of being told this is “the norm”?

I was.

After enduring extreme pelvic health challenges, sexual wounds, medical traumas, emotional obstacles and spiritual hurdles, I was ashamed, frustrated, confused and angry.

And I was tired of feeling powerless. So I went on a journey of empowerment, self-love and healing, where I finally found the place that released my pain, victimhood, shame and guilt— my pelvic bowl. I finally understood that “down there” isn’t separate from the rest of me. And it’s not a separate place from you either.

Your pelvic bowl is your natural birthright of abundance. It’s the home of your health and sexual, sensual power. It’s your oasis— your pelvic oasis— the sacred well of healing and out-of-this-world bliss. Deep down, you know your body is sacred. You know it’s deserving of divine respect— but you’re at a loss. You don’t know how to feel sustainable pleasure. You don’t feel confident and grounded in your body.

And sex is nothing like you hoped it would be.

But we can bring your pelvic oasis to life.

You just need the right knowledge— to fully heal, reconnect and finally celebrate the spine-tingling pleasure you’re designed to feel.

As a women’s health mentor, mental health counselor, pelvic floor specialist, bodyworker and author of “The Secret to Female Vitality: Demystify Your Body, Boost Energy and Gain Mental Clarity Through Pelvic Health”, I’ll introduce you to your true creative power. Your enlivened womb. Your internal fire.

Your pelvic oasis is the doorway to creating the life of your dreams and I’m here to guide you there with compassion, tenderness and total understanding. Because once you’ve connected with your vibrating, internal force of endless love, you’ll take your power back. With science-backed research, emotional exploration and spiritual awareness, you’ll be totally empowered. Learn how to own your power and make this sustainable for life, as a pure radical force against the centuries of oppression and control of the female body.​

Ready to release your sensual inner power?

Yes, Please!

"Alicia has been my nervous system saving grace! I've been working with Alicia for years. I did not have the capacity to regulate my own nervous system. I was high anxiety and operating from my fears. Alicia has opened and empowered my heart, mind, and soul! Her way of working with cycles and patterns in the body is revolutionary. I've surrendered ancient tension patterns and blocks within my system. This work added a whole new level of "rest" to my life and my overall happiness has expanded beyond belief. Alicia makes you feel seen, heard and held. She is nurturing and loving. I would recommend her to anyone, she is a rare true gift in this world."

-Danielle R

"Working with Alicia has been nothing less than life changing. I came to Alicia as a last resort - having spent most of my life with chronic pain and no answers. I even got surgery with the ever promising diagnosis of “there’s nothing wrong with you.” I've lived my entire life up until now with chronic pain and being told that it was all in my head. Alicia immediately validated me and addressed it. With each session addressed a new layer. Her approach is with such care and compassion and she makes you feel very safe and cared for while also delivering fierce love because she won't let you stay small any longer. She works with such intuition, grace, and power. My only regret is that I didn’t find Alicia sooner."

– Erica M

About Me 

Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson is a graduate of Naropa University with training in Dance Movement Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, Holistic Pelvic Care (TM), group facilitation, and more. She is also a graduate of the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute.

Alicia is licensed in the state of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is registered as a dance movement therapist (R-DMT) with the American Dance Therapy Association.

She brings additional lenses and knowledge of womb cosmology, sacred sexuality, the divine feminine, birthing (birth doula work), perinatal psychology, earth based psychology, health & nutrition coaching, rite of passage work, yoga & meditation instruction, and expressive arts therapies.

“You need to fully understand your body before you can wield the power and pleasure it holds.”