Your Pelvic Bowl Is An Oasis Of
Pleasure…Ready To Unleash Its Power?

Rewire Your Body With Pelvic Bowl Healing
That Seriously Taps


This Is Your Feminine Revolution.
Unlock Your 

Inner Power

It’s time. You’re ready to fully heal and reclaim your power and bliss.

You know this lives in your body and in your sexual center.

Welcome to your new home.

We’re going to demystify what’s really going on in your body so you’re revitalized, empowered and energetically abundant.

It happens through your pelvic bowl— your pelvic oasis— which is your birthright of power and transformation.

When you know and understand its magic, you’ll release old patterns, heal traumas and awaken the kind of pleasure that inspires.

This is your journey to self-love— do I hear a “Hell, Yeah?!”

Yes, Please!

Tell Me More…


Turning Your Practice into a Healing Oasis

Ready to make a real difference in the lives of your patients/clients? Discover how freakin’ good it feels to help women embody true self-love through pelvic bowl health. Geek out on anatomy and discover holistic tools that activate healing and bliss. You’ll provide safe, transformational experiences and become an agent provocat-her for the feminine empowerment revolution.


Transforming Trauma And Pain Into Power

Sexual or pelvic trauma and health challenges often rob us of our power and pleasure – even after years of healing. Whether you suffer from pain, guilt, shame, or some other mysterious symptom, you’ll learn how to take ownership of your body and power. Through pelvic healing you’ll resolve wounds, enliven nerve pathways and ignite self-love. Say goodbye to fear and hello to your new inner sanctuary.


Discover The Big O of

Take a deliciously deep dive into your pelvic oasis; your home of divine bliss.

You’ll fully understand your pelvic anatomy and how it’s the opening to health, vitality and mind-blowing pleasure. Connected to your sacred sexuality, you’ll experience a life-changing transformation of epic proportions.

Can you say va-va-va-voom?

“I found Alicia because I was in an unmanageable amount of pain. Many doctors had told me they did all they could do. Through working with Alicia, I’ve learned about emotional regulation, power in my body, and shifting my thinking. After just a few sessions my pain decreased to an echo of what it was. If I have a flare up, I have new strategies to utilize. I learned physical and emotional pain are so entwined for me. Working through them in a holistic way felt like I was putting myself back together rather than treating fractured parts. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

– Lauren R.

1 on 1 Client

“Working with Alicia is like working with Glenda the Good Witch.

She creates a magical bubble around the both of you and works so intentionally and gently.

I would recommend any female bodied person to do this work because there is so much we can learn from the pelvic bowl, and Alicia can guide you with ease and grace into this powerful realm.”

Steph H.

About Alicia

Hi, I’m Alicia. I’m a women’s health mentor with a long history of practicing somatic counseling, pelvic floor and uterine healing therapy, bodywork, and am the author of “The Secret to Female Vitality: Demystify Your Body, Boost Energy and Gain Mental Clarity Through Pelvic Health”.

And at one time, me and my pelvic bowl were strangers. Sure, I knew it was there, in theory. But I had no clue that it held my healing power, sensuality and pleasure. I was also a mess with extreme pelvic health challenges, sexual wounds and medical traumas.

Until I took my power back. I went on a journey of self-love and healing, where I finally found the place that released my pain, victimhood, shame and guilt— my pelvic bowl.

And yours is waiting to help you heal, awaken and create the life you want too.

If you’re ready for an amazing journey of compassion, education and life-changing breakthroughs…

If you’re ready to reconnect your mind, rekindle your relationship to your body, and reclaim the power that’s yours, it’s time to meet your pelvic oasis. Ready to make the introduction?

“You need to fully understand your body before you can wield the power and pleasure it holds.”

Connect with Alicia


Read my hips— empowerment comes through knowledge. Get plenty with free education, videos and live chats that heal your pelvic bowl and spark your pleasure.

Together, with awesome women like you, you’ll be saying, “Where have you been all my life?”


Heal and revive your pelvic oasis with insights (and satisfaction) you’ve never imagined. With practical, easy-to-use tools and deepened knowledge, you’ll release blockages, step into your power and awaken your sexual, sensual bliss. This is your personal invitation to self-love.


If you prefer individual support and want a life-changing breakthrough, book a free 30-minute chat with me now. Together, we’ll activate your strengths, let go of old wounds, and open your world to abundance, vitality and sexual power so potent you’ll create the life of your dreams.